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Kindle Users

Kindle Users

This is for those of you who have kindle devices and want to access our products. We do have most of our books in the mobi formats, however the majority of our books are in the popular epub formats. We know that kindle does not read epub, so therefore, we're hear to assist with this. Our products can be converted into the mobi formats and can be read on your kindle devices. It's a free software known as Calibre. It's very easy to use, and can convert epub and pdf files extremely easy.

We're in the process of converting all files to eventually support your kindle devices for your convenience. But for those who need to convert epub and pdf files to mobi in order to read them on your kindles,  we've provided the Calibre download free for you to use and download should you need to convert your files. It's extremely easy to use. Get started below. We thank you for your business, and continue to make your experience seamless, and user friendly. Welcome to Cheap Romance Books.

Calibre Software Download

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