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Harlequin Romance Book Clubs

Harlequin Romance Book Clubs

Welcome to the Harlequin Romance Book Clubs. This is perfect for avid readers who want to login and download romance ebooks unlimited and hassle free. With this book club, you will get instant access to all new romance titles for the 2017 year. This is a lifetime subscription, as you're billed the one time upon completion of this purchase. All of your books will be delivered to your members area on a monthly basis, and will be available to you for life.

So you adore a feel good love story? Harlequin romance delivers an uplifting escape featuring real, relatable women and very strong deeply desirable men. You will get 4 new harlequin romance epub titles each month for life from our 2017 Harlequin Romance Book club.

3 Harlequin Romance Book Clubs 

Harlequin Romance 2017 Lifetime Book Club $59.95

Harlequin Romance 2016 Lifetime Book Club $29.95

Classic Harlequin Book Club Starter $14.95